Cipoolle Borettane Aceto


A true rarity for food connoisseurs. This is a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) product, due to the presence of Modena balsamic vinegar which helps to make this product even more precious.

The dense and bitter-sweet texture of vinegar envelops the onions in a triumph of elegance, leaving a pleasurable fresh sensation on the palate.

The borettane onions, with their naturally sweet and delicate taste and their crunchy and plump texture, are perfect to be enjoyed alone, so as to enjoy their unique and well structured taste, or as a side dish with meat dishes.

The processing of fresh onions helps to preserve all the typical flavors of each harvest, making each product unique.

Available formats

Quantity (ml): 314
Box units: 12
Quantity (ml): 3000 (3kg)
Box units: 6