The heart of our activity is represented by the research and selection of our suppliers. We put at your disposal over fifty years of background as a leading company in the production of preserved foods, in order to offer you the best recipes that can be found. Each of the plants in which our products are manufactured has one or more certificates regarding quality, as for instance IFS, BRC or other equivalent.

Considering that our job is also our passion, we ourselves are to taste the products and have the final word, to decide if they deserve or less to be added to our selection of excellence.

Moreover, Za.Be. has recently introduced a new Organic Line, becoming a certified operator; a choice made as response to the market tendencies, but also due to strong personal convictions, that lead us to believe in a cleaner world and in a more genuine food.

Our products are realized in plants that have at least one of IFS, BRC and other equally prestigious certification. Obviously, every process they are subject to is fully compliant to the HACCP regulation.